We sell the finest quality 100% Missouri Oak firewood delivered to your driveway. We also sell mixed hardwood, hickory and fruitwoods. We will happily stack your firewood for a reasonable fee.

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Prices as of 11/20/2013:

Priced by the rick: Delivered Delivered and Stacked (1)
Mixed Wood (Out of Stock) $115.00 $140.00
Oak $125.00 $150.00
Hickory / Fruitwood (2) $140.00 $165.00
  1. Stacking price is based on the assumption that wood is to be stacked at ground level within a reasonable distance. Additional changes apply if wood is to be moved up or down stairs or over a long distance.
  2. Fruit woods are not always available. Please call for availability.

Image of Rick of Firewood

A rick of wood is one row, four feet tall and eight feet long. This is approximately half a cord.
A cord of wood is approximately the same as two rick of firewood.

We accept Checks, Visa, Master card, Discover and American Express

Checks returned for non-payment are subject to a $50.00 recovery fee.